LANDMARK: Propranolol Treatment for Infant Hemangiomas

Article: Propranolol for severe hemangiomas of infancy

Léauté-labrèze C, Dumas de la roque E, Hubiche T, Boralevi F, Thambo JB, Taïeb A. Propranolol for severe hemangiomas of infancy. N Engl J Med. 2008;358(24):2649-51.


Take Home Points:

  • Propranolol, a non-selective beta-blocker, was incidentally found to quickly and drastically decrease the size of infantile hemangiomas, sparking a new treatment for this condition.

The Details:

  • Two children with severe infantile hemangiomas were given propranolol for cardiomyopathy and incidentally were found to have a significant reduction in the size of their hemangiomas within 1-7 days of the initiation of treatment.
  • Subsequent to this finding, 9 more children with severe disfiguring infantile capillary hemangiomas were given propranolol in addition to the standard of care, and followed for resolution.
  • In all 9 children, tangible changes were seen in the color and consistency of the hemangiomas within 24 hours of treatment initiation with continued resolution over the following months.
  • Propranolol was initiated at a dose of 2mg/kg per day and maintained on this regimen until discontinuation.

Contributed by Benny Laitman, MD